Wittner dictates the rhythm in the world

Gustav Wittner founded his precision factory for the production of metronomes as early as 1895. His son Rudolf Wittner gradually expanded it to a medium-sized industrial enterprise.

Soon Wittner started setting new standards: The „TAKTELL“ branded metronomes are highly regarded among experts and became a synonym for quality. Experience, tradition, newest technology and up-to-date assembly methods make Wittner the metronome producer with the largest assortment in the world.

Wittner also produces other musical accessories (tuning forks, string accessories, tripods etc.) as well as products for maintaining and storing of sound and data carriers. Horst and Sabrina Wittner manage the company in the third and fourth generation since 2005. The Wittner company is worldwide held in high esteem for its reliability and product quality.